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Skate or die motherfucker contained issues concerning skateboarding and thrashmusic,

nothing more nothing less!

Since 2005 my right- and early 2015 my left knee kinda gave up their motive to do the jumping, slaming and breaking! So skateboarding is on a low level and probably will stay there!
In a way, as I suggested with my well founded web adress, I'm dead. Sorry if you guugle generation found the site and though skateboarding stuff.
Lucky I have enough adventures in my life that need to be on the world wide web!
Not really, but making diy music and films for lot's of years and not share it with people would be kind a weird.
See it as my tapetrade channel, like back in the day's... before the www.
I guess, social media is the way nowday's, but I really dislike that, so I keep my 'me my self and I' spot on the web.
For me skate or die motherfucker is a guide to keep my head way up high. This is my view and if it pleases some of you with it? Lemonades all around!

grt, mike d.