catching a dream

Kojetin - 01/01/2006

Alesh Meduna
Czech Rep.

Alesh is the first of a few people who I plan to feature under the name "inspiration for dedication". The title is quite self explaining. It are just people who give me and others inspiration to do what we do, to stay involved in what we do. If they wouldn't be doing what they do than for sure someone else would do it. But the fact of the matter is they are key persons with in the scene, and thought they mostly don't want to hear it like that cause they just doing their thing and it just catch my (and others) attention.
Have fun reading this and all following features.


Praha, an afternoon late April 2002 chilling in front off a squad on SAF and UK's crazy Narcosis tour. From the bus stop comes this 'Infest cap - army shorts' type off thrash dude, it's Alesh. I remember thinking "yeah thrashcore people, this show is gonna rock!" haha.

He set up the gig in Praha and also the one the next day at club Goblin in Prerov which is one of the best gigs I ever witness. The reason is not so much that the bands and people went crazy as fuck, but the combination with al what happen around it. I met in Prerov for the first time with my girlfriend, I found out that Alesh was the vocalist of Mindlock 'a band I really liked' and he was crazy into skateboarding. He even had his own DIY board company '666 skateboards'.


The demo from Mindlock, dropped already long before we actually met in my mailbox. It was 1998 and I played yet with Tuco Ramirez and Alesh spreading the Mindlock demo tape to all useful addresses through out the World. Unfortunately it was before my internet time and as so many contacts back than in time it faded.
Mindlock was created by Alesh and the bass player. The drummer and guitar player had together with the bass player an other band and they wanted to do something more extreme with a fun attitude. Well I guess the fun attitude is still a bit on the tape with some Sabbath tunes but besides that no 'funny stuff' (read like Flea the Nihilist in de Big Labowski) it must have fade before the demo was recorded cause those recordings are one of the best underground grindcore release I've ever heard. Righteous mixture of hardcore and grind, Alesh told you could see that back when they played live, metal heads and hardcore kids both attending on shows.
After the demo (split tape with machinery), 3 songs on a compilation 7" and a split 7" with See You in Hell they split up in 2002. In their 5 years of existence they played over 100 gigs mainly in East Europe.
If I ask him about some stories he doesn't have to think long: On tour with See You in Hell they played in the Polish birth/home town of the late Pope. Well picture the posters with See You in Hell everywhere in the town! The door of the venue had to be locked at all times, it was their whole stay kinda scary. Also the day they had car problems in Toronto (Italians car manufacture city #1) on a Sunday, so everything was closed. They stayed 2 nights in this old dirty toilet room waiting to continue their tour.
High light must have been the gigs with Phobia they did. Alesh remembers that on the gig at EKH in Vienna the vocalist of Phobia get so pissed that when Phobia start playing he threw his beer away and hit Alesh's head full frontal. Somehow it's indeed funny!


Now a days Alesh has a new band where he play's the drums, he just loves to beat on does drums. Already they released one 7" with fast grinding songs on it but on this release you hear the old line up. Now they have a new vocalist, a new bass player and a 2nd guitar player, also the music changed a bit more to a mixture of sludge with d-beat and grinding passages.
They play each month a couple of gigs and already did a little tour. The plan is to record an album this spring and hopeful release it asap. So keep you're eye's open for this great band.


In 2000 he started under the influence by fellow promoters in a nearby town organizing gigs on different location. First gigs was a 3 day tour from Crippled Bastards, Entropia and Mindlock. They played in Plzen on the first Fluff fest, Bratislava and his former small hometown Chropyne where some of the almost 400 people showing up for the gig for real couldn't believe C.B. was playing there. After that tour Alesh was between 2000 and 2003 a main contact for loads of touring bands. Outcold, Narcosis, Holier Than Thou?, What Happens Next?, R.a.m.b.o. are just a hand pick from the bands he helped out.
At the moment Alesh is a bit more focused on on the skate and personal stuff but still he helps a lot of bands coming over.

2002 TILL NOW & SK8

I invite Alesh in the summer of 2002 to visit me in the Netherlands. We skated, visit Amsterdam, skated, seen Seein red, DRI and ST, skated and had all the fun in the world. In October that year SAF visit the Czech Rep. again, this time with Dutch thrashcore buddies Lomb.
After that my contact with Czech was more intense, cause I made the move to my girlfriend when we were playing Goblin again. Funny thing was that Alesh was busy trying to get some romance with one of my girlfriend's friend. I decide to come over for christmas and we all stayed at this flat in his home town Kojetin.
Around that time there was the fresh Skateboardshop Monkeybite in Kromerich where Alesh did do the purchase for and it was after his 666 skateboard attempt again a step closer to his dream.

I found out his family was quite a busy one. His dad owned a factory and they had a supermarket and pub. They than also just bought the old cinema that was doomed to close her doors. He told me than they probably would make a bowling hall from it.
Can't recall the time I was in Kojetin again and saw that the whole place was fixed. I just couldn't believe it. First noticable the outside walls, nice yellow painted and with big proud letters "BOWLING CITY" on it. Inside it was just great, two lane's bowling, a bar, squash, tennis, pool, billiard, darts ect. everything on it.

As busy as he was Alesh decide that he had to do something again to keep up with his dedication. He brought after 4 years of sleep the 'skateboard bible' back in to Czech. He knew he wouldn't make a living from it but it was just a thing he had to do. "Czech skaters are not really in to English magazines" so besides the Thrasher clothing and goodies he decide to add some other stuff to the distro, but unfortunatly the other items didn't go as good as he hoped for. But still he keeps up the distribution. It's all the little bit's that keeps him going.

The next chapter came on SAF's 4th Czech visit (yeah we really love it up there!) in the Summer of 2004. We dit our big tour and also played the Bowling City (ever saw a thrash band in a bowling place? cool hea!). Than Alesh telling me he wanted to build a micro/miniramp in a empty part of the building. I pushed him to let me help and the rest is history.

The mini is in a 80 kilometer area the only proper indoor spot and atracts weekly around the 20 skateboarders. For a skatepark it isn't that much. But for this little miniramp it is a great steady turn up, for me it is far 'be on' my expectations when we where building it. Alesh thought in the beginning to ask people who want to skate 300 kc (10 euro) each year. Thought some people payed it, he stopped asking money for it. It's not about the money at all, the fact that he sold his 666 decks at the start of this millennium for quite cheap and also supported local skaters with decks for a dime gave the intentions of 'scene support' from the first day he get's infolved.

Spring 2005. Alesh needs some stimulation again. No more space for building ramps so he create from his distribution office located in the Bowling city the smallest skateshop in Europe: FAST.
"With all the people now buying on the net the social aspect is fading". With Fast and the mini all under the roof of the bowlingcity it works great as a hangout and meeting point for the skateboarders. "no poser people here" Alesh makes clear. The shop has a 100% skateboard policy and attitude.

With in the first year of the ramp, Bowling city / Kojetin is putting her point on Czech / Europe skateboard map: around 200 skateboarders found their way towards this little paradise in the middle of Europe. Alesh and his girlfriend Hanna are expecting this spring a baby, a new chapter in his live, he's ready for it. With this new chapter he has nothing to complain, but still he's a person who can't sit still so he will find bigger, better, greater things on skate and thrash stuff to get involved with.

Knowing Alesh now almost 4 years I feel an unwritten / unspoken statement with his actions that I only can interpret as "don't bitch about but build about". A true inspiration for dedication.