New kids on the block
Dead area

Finnaly a second chapter of "inspiration for dedication". Not that I didn't had any inspiration the last 14 months, more the lack of time.. and energy.
The title is quite self explaining. It are just people who give me and others inspiration to do what we do, to stay involved in what we do. If they wouldn't be doing what they do than for sure someone else would do it. But the fact of the matter is they are key persons with in the scene, and thought they mostly don't want to hear it like that cause they just doing their thing and it just catch my (and others) attention.
Have fun reading this and all following features.


Surf the web on a bored winter evening and do the google thing with the key words Hoorn (capital of the dead area) and hardcore (or something like that!?). In a flash my mood was changed to a very happy camper. A power violence band from Hoorn!??? What the fuck!!
Three young guy's with a good vibe around them making fastcore as if their lives where depending on it. Hell yeah, a real band with young people that still have the energy to say fuck it all this noize is go!
First things first, a silly messages to them and a loud thank you to my space... After the first reply I was convinced this is the new breed from the dead area, we old fartz have a mission and that is bring them along, push them around and let them know we are here with them.
I booked them on the 3rd edition of the short fast and loud thrash fest. and they where mind blowing. Tide as something very tide and very fast.. they gave me a feeling like a crossover between mid eighties britcore and mid nineties us power violence.
This band inspires me more than any band at the moment, simply cause they do their thing in an area with not more than a hand full of people that are interested in the thing they do. Massive thumbs ups, stay positive and keep breaking those chains.

Here an interview with the lads, kept the question answer style cause than I could put it fast online.

What the hell you guy's thought to start this project. I mean the centre of the dead area... nothing ever happened in the last 8 years on the short fast and loud level beyond slipknot?
Bram: Senne and Martin played in AxSxHx before I joined. They were using Watje, a brutal white cat who was controlling a drumcomputer. But, they suddenly got an offer to play live at a place called Parkhof and they thought it was cool to have a real drummer. Then, at some evening, they met me and I thought it would be cool to play drums for them. I never touched a drumkit before I joined AxSxHx but the results were mind blowing!

So you played you're first gig at parkhof, after that the 2nd at some fastfoodlunchroom in the middle of fucking nowhere and than you played the short fast and loud #3 thrash fest.
Tell us more about the gigs..
Tell us you gonna play way more regular than you do now
and please I wanna have detail info about the 2nd gig!

Martin: Well, basically all our gigs involved people from other bands wanting to see us live and yeah, we just take the opportunities. As for the second gig, we got asked by Maarten, the guitarist of Iets met Ska erin to do a gig with his band and another punk band. It went pretty good, and it was the first show I actually was proud with the result. As for doing more gigs, we're planning to compete in some battle of the bands thing, and yeah, I think we'll gig more. But only after Senne has a new guitar, because he misplaced his old one.
Bram: My drumming was perfect and polished all the time, hell yeah. I liked all gigs, they all had their special decayed atmosphere. I think that's cool.
Senne: During the second gig I was sick (was also sick at the short fast and loud gig) but it went really well. My favourite part during the second gig was when Bram fell down at the end and took some accordions with him. The third gig was really awesome, I didn't fuck up too much and we got great response. But like I said I was recovering from the flue and it was late and I had some beers, which might explain why I LEFT MY FUCKING GUITAR IN THE TRAIN!!! AND NO ONE BROUGHT IT TO LOST AND FOUND. I swear to god if I see someone playing on/selling my guitar I'm going to hurt them.

Bram why don't you have a job so you can buy a drumkit!?
Martin: Bram is actually a bum who listens/makes shitty music in his spare time.
Bram: Working is for the weak. That is all.

What did you guy's do before a.s.h.
Martin: I was busy making shit with several friends and with my crappy e-grind band Penetrated Iron Goat Fetus . I still do by the way.
Senne: I used to be in a boyband but we had to split up after a horrible car crash which caused all the other singers to die a horrible and painful death. I wanted to go on but the guys from our label didn't really like my idea of putting robotic skeletons inside the dead bodies of the other band members so they could still lip-sync and dance.
Bram: I smoked weed, I got drunk, I created Dark Ambient in my total isolated cavern of pure evil & Those were the times. Cheap whiskey and fucking strong weed. I might quit AxSxHx to go back to this solitary lifestyle, it was quite amusing.

AxSxHx stands for?
Martin: AxSxHx actually stands for everything you want it to stand for. We just liked the main character of the Evil Dead movies, Ash, but decided to make his name more HxC MEGA PUNK, so yeah, we got that name. It's not that good maybe, but I love it because of that.
Senne: Ass sucking Hitler? A sick hatred? Abraham says howdoyoudo? It's the main character from the Pokemon cartoon but it doesn't really mean anything. If someone can think of something good, send your ideas plus your address to traxsxhx@gmail.com and the winner gets a drawing.

You guy's like skinny dipping?
Martin: The only time I think about skinny dipping is when I wonder why I don't think about it.
Bram: What?
Senne: No but I like silly whipping. It's a game where Bram wears a dominatrix suit and then he basically starts whipping us and shouts at us in German and we have to try to get close to him and beat him down and give him his medication. It's not really a game but we have to do it a lot because Bram is such a stubborn little bitch who won't take his pills and keeps flipping out.

Why you kicked out the bass player?
Martin: Well, we never actually had a bass player. He was just a guy we knew who played bass. We played one rehearsal, but after some time he just said he wasn't interested in playing fast stuff. He plays in a stoner band now I believe.
Bram: His leg got amputated so he couldn't play bass anymore. He only could play bass with his feet & He was a good guy but yeah, we can't work with people who are not equal to our elite standards.

The scene according to a.s.h.?
Martin: I don't really think there is a scene in Holland, but if it was one at the SFaL Thrash Fest I'd say that they're pretty nice people.
Bram: I don't care about the scene. I just do whatever I want in life. Smoke weed, drink beer, listening to harsh noise & That's all I care about.
Senne: There is only one true scene which is the Hoorn Underground scene which is a great scene according to ash. There are like 6 people in it and some of them make music.

Future plans with the band.
Martin: We're thinking about putting me on bass. So, we might do that, we also want to record our demo first, and yeah, play more gigs, get to know more cool people who love this thrash!
Senne: When one of us gets a drivers licence we want to get a van one day and tour, but before that we just wanna perform a lot so people know who we are.
Bram: Don't really know & Time will tell.

Why Senne works in a supermarket?
Senne: What? I didn't know I worked at a supermarket. Hmmm I'm probably not the best employee then.

Last week the inventor of the remote control died. Did it made a big impact on you guy's?
Martin: I don't really watch to much TV, so I wouldn't mind! Then again, his remotes would continue to work, so yeah. No worries.
Bram: Hell yeah! If he didn't invent the remote control we'd have to walk all the time to the TV with our intoxicated brains. So, hail him!
Senne: Well fuck that guy my remote control died a long time ago so that must mean it was a worthless invention.

Worst toilet memory for all 3 of you.
Martin: Probably when we went to Lowlands, those toilets were nasty as fuck!
Bram: When the toilet started to look evil when I was a little bit too high. That was pretty scary. I decided to shit next to the toilet, that seemed like a good idea.
Senne: Can't say I really had any traumatic experiences in a toilet but this one time I dreamed I took a crap and when I looked at the result the turd was really light brown and pulsating, like a heart. Then it exploded in my face and I tasted some and it didn't taste really poopy but more like watered down stew or something. That was a horrible dream.

Ever went on holiday? Why?
Martin: Most of the summers I work instead of going on holiday. This year were planning to go to Obscene Extreme so that is a vacation... sort of.
Senne: Yeah, to France and some other countries with my parents, brothers and sisters. Because people go on holidays that is what people do, so that is why I did it I guess.
Bram: Yeah, I did. I don't why. Just to see stuff, or something.

Some words you guy's fill in what you want to:
grind: Awesome.
fast: Must.
tide jeans: Gay most of the time.
metal: I don't see the point in this genre. (Martin)
toto: Dog
thrash: Destroy
sob: Great.
power ballad: Gay. Very very very gay.
tulps: Also gay. Flowers are unpowerviolence.
2nd bicycle: Would be nice.

You think the dead area ever will reanimated?
Martin: I'm afraid it's going to stay dead for a long time.
Bram: Hopefully! We could create an army of zombie thrash bands!
Senne: Maybe if we play in Hoorn a lot and spread the word but I think people here are simply too lame to get it. And maybe they shouldn't. But then again, it would be cool.

You guy's know more noise bands from the dead area.. name them and give me links!
Martin: The only ones I know from around would be: Iets met Ska erinand Apophallation.
Bram: My Dark Ambient project called Kave: Kave
Senne: Nope! Sorry, I guess it's truly a dead area.

Tell me some of you're influences:
Martin: Uhh, let's see here, for this music my influences would be stuff like Betercore, Fuck on the Beach, Charles Bronson, Spazz, Magrudergrind, Hellnation and Massgrav. As for other bands, I'd say stuff like Regurgitate and Haemorrhage.
Bram: Drugs, S.O.B, Massgrav, Hellnation, just good old thrash punk bands. But I'm influenced by a lot of things.
Senne: From the hardcore/grind stuff I like stuff like Fuck On The Beach, Flachenbrand, Gut, Bloodduster, the Ultimate Warriors and Betercore. And Stoner Metal like Electric Wizard and Sleep. We put some stoner in some of our songs, I hope one day we'll be the ultimate stoner violence band.

You guy's ever gonna play on a school party!? would be cool though!
Martin; I would play anywhere, real thrash knows no boundries.
Bram: If it was possible, maybe. But I'm too misanthropic for that kind of shit. 
Senne: That would be cool, that one performance band I talked about played at my high school.

What is there besides the band, tell me.
Martin: Not much no. Except that our drummer is a goth kid.
Bram:Hm, nothing for me actually. I just sit here in this dark room, listening to monotone Ambient soundscapes, watching anime and just staring into the bleak nothingness of life. Deep stuff, huh?
Senne: Cartoons and drugs. Draaigorgel.

Give me some last words..
Martin: Thanks for this interview, and yeah, may we gig a lot in the future! POWERVIOLENCE THRASH ATTACK NEVER END!!!.
Bram: Thanks for the interview, I appreciate it! Remember: NEVER STOP THE MADNESS!