On the last tour with SAF I was asked by my good friend Alesh from czech republic if I could make with him a micro-mini in one of the rooms from the family bowling centre.
This would be my change to prove my "bob the builder" skills for a fun but good ramp.

First thing was to get wood and copings.
The beams I took from this kiddieactivity that yearly takes place in the town where I live. About 290 kids make in a week time a complete wooden village... realy fun for them and also for me cause when I help the people clean up on the last day I can take all the wood I want. Believe me, this saves lot's of money and I allready made several ramp builders very happy with this. This year I scored around 40 great beams for the transition and about 15 beams for the platform carcass, nice one!
For the copings and the two layers to cover the carcass we asked skatepark overground for help. In return we helped them with the first demolition action after the park closed for ever (it's almost heavier to destroy a park, than to built it!)
So we had the materials we needed, now the transport.
Lucky we both have our own van so with the fact that we would make a micro ramp the two vans where enough.
The only thing we need now was time.
Early Oktober I could take some day's off, so without the trip we had 3 day's in total to build the damnthing.
After a couple of day's skating in the Netherlands Alesh allready went with the wood for the toplayers to Czech rep., he was in the organisation of a skatecontest that took place on the day we planned to go. So two day's later I left the Netherlands. I took Ed (non skateboarding bassplayer from saf) with me for extra help. Looking back, this was a good decision: three man on it worked the best.

So after a 15 our drive we arrived and went straight to the skatecontest. This was fun, sun, goodmusic, lot's of people, a few shredding skaters. I my self also tried to cruise around the park... but was way to tired for it after the trip.. it sucked.
After chilling in the city we went to the bowlingcentre and start unloading the van. Placing all the wood and tools in the room gave me a real boost and I just started building allready. This was real fun cause the afterparty from the skatecontest was in the bowlingcentre and so it gave me a good idea that we wouldn't built it only for a hand full of people... lot's of them looked around the corner for a sneakpreview. The only thing sucked was the 100% hip hop afterparty, but this was allready compensate on the skatecontest where mainly to the core rock und metal was played!

I borrow some extra powertools so we could just grab what we need. Unlucky as we where, lot's of the tool sucked so in a way this slowed us down a bit. The next day we've finished one complete quarter carcass and made some preparations for the flat bottom and the 2nd quarter.
The thing with the ramp is that it's a wall to wall one and the walls are not realy parallel. So deeper also ment a bit more milimeters wide (the end of the room is 10 cm less wide than the front!). This was kinda complicated but also a challenge to make it a perfect fit!
On the second day we bought a new powerdrill (from the four we brought with us only one seem to manage the job!) Despite the yet weak new batteries we could accomplish a lot more now. On this day we finished with the flatbottom and where more than halfway with the second quarter. Things started to get tense now.. only one day left, but I was positive we would make it.

Last day, we decide that the second platform would fill the rest of the room complete, the only space left open is for opening the door. For this we needed some extra beams. Just outside the village is this uge wood factory, with in no time they saw the beams for us and we where ready to built again. With the idea that maybe 10 people wil stand on this platform I had to make 100% sure it would hold them. With not really that much carpenter experience I just used all the beams I had, this probable wil hold a woolly elephant!
With the second quarter and platform carcass ready, it was time for the two layers. The first layer was sometimes kinda hard to bend but not that that difficult, we used multiplex 9 mm. The top layer was another story. I wanted it to fit really nice on the ramp... it just had to look sharp I thought! For the top layer we used 9 mm mdf. We first attach the the transition and than fill the flatbottom. By attach it in this order we could be sure that the coping would fit in nice. The difficult part was to fit the toplayer nice and sweet with the walls not being parallel, this took us lot's of time. Fucked up thing was that while we had to be so precise with saw, shave and trim we had the time pressure aswel. This was the most nervbreaking thing to do in these few days. In the end we had a nice result.
For the coping we used 4,5 mm pipe. To support it we made een extra beam that fit exactly between the coping and the upper beam from the transition. With two screws we attach each coping, steady as a rock!
So our time was up. We where tired but ready to try the ramp for a little session. It became a very fast and fun little micro ramp. In the week after we left Alesh made some adjustment and decoration with locals & mr massasuko.
In december I skated the ramp again, it was fun big time. In the 5 day's skating it I counted more than 30 other skateboarders visit the ramp. With the opening from the ramp on the 4th of december there where like so many people... they had camera's in the mini room and beam them on big screen in the bowling area. Really great. The ramp was 100% shredable and got the OK stamp from lot's of skaters... nice!

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