children of god - 2004 / 2011:
Children of god was born in 2004 in the dead area.
It's actually a rebirth of Tuco ramirez with an other drummer and now days we do in this line up dead flowers
We played slow, bold sludgerock.
Some bands they like or were influenced by: melvins, black sabbath, godflesh, swans, winter, kyuss.

We had a couple.

thierry - guitar
sander - drums
me - bass / vocals

A selection of our 2011 dead area session:
religion free picknick
death by bulldozer
ride all day
don't comb your hair your not in the picture
A proud lemmingsday
broken heart
dead flowers

A selection of our 2005/2006 dead area session:
#2: 1
#3: 2
#4: 3
#6: 4