You know those projects that never happen for some lazy ass reason? Well a HTT? piece is one of those. From the very first moment I got notice of this great hardcore / crossover band I wanted to do an article about them, but it never happened!
Now they called it a quit and so I had to do it for once. I'm a bit bumped that it's the standard question answer article, but the guy's gave some great answers and I think it's a nice piece with some memories and some nice to know bits.
I'm now trying to write what impact Holier had as a band and personal wise on me but get stuck all the time making it sound all to disney or something!? Let the interview do the talking.
Thanx bro's for the 6 years of thrashing including the two visits to Europe.


Why you changed you're name from RKL to HTT?
Jeff: we got too much flack from the major labels because of the drug reference
d.r.: because we realized that our style just got lamer & lamer after "Keep Laughing" and decided to make a fresh start... plus, we were really too pussy to do that many drugs all of the time... that shit'll kill ya! (please refer to recent real life events)
Kevin: Wow, that's a great compliment though Mike,... thanks. But in all seriousness, those guys are definitely a huge part of all of our youths and a huge reason why we play the style we do. We will all miss Derrick, Bomer and Jason who have all recently passed away. RIP brothers!

If you eat food you prefer to sit alone or you rather be in company of others. What is the favorite set up to eat and who is the best person/people to eat with and where?
Kevin: I am pretty much a creature of habit. Give me some good mexican food or some good barbecue and I don't care who the fuck is with me as I grub. My eyes are usuallly rolled back as I devour so I might not know who's there anyway haha.
Jeff: depends what's for dinner
Noel:I sometimes can't see people I don't know eat.Working in the food industry you see a lot of people most of whom you don't like so the sight of seeing those sad sacks stuffing their face is kinda nasty.
d.r.: fish tacos by myself, or off of a hot chick's stomach, or sushi out of her snatch (probably need to forego the wasabi out of respect for the snatch)... i'm just kidding... actually my favorite food is shit on a shingle and i only believe in having sex with my hand (or so the evidence would suggest)

Is jeff annoying on tours? Kevin: You must be thinking of DR haha. I didn't find Jeff anoying at all, though he rarely toured with us.
Noel:Jeff was a lot of fun on tour I just wish he could of been on other ones.
d.r.: jeff WAS actually less obnoxious on tour than he usually is in daily life, which was weird! i am a total BITCH on tour... i hate it basically... my place is in the studio... or the laboratory...
Jeff: fuck I even know you?

Why he didn't join the first and the first half of the 2nd Eurotour than?
Kevin: He had to work during the first and could only get two weeks off for the second so he opted to take the second half rather than the first so he could get some fish n chips in the UK.
Jeff: I don't live at home anymore, so this bitch needs to make money. d.r: mostly because jeff is a money-grubbing freak & the rest of us can tolerate living on nothing (except for kevin, who has savings)...
Kevin: Yeah, Jeff actually still owes me money for his airfare for the tour he did do,... 2.5 years later.

First time I saw Jeff was in Den-haag. That was fun, he was fun he had a saxon shirt.
Kevin: Yeah, Jeff is a fashion icon.
d.r.: jeff is a fashion VICTIM! actually, he can be a lot of fun, when the stars & planets align correctly...

Kevin, you're a teacher right?
Kevin: Yes, I teach mathematics in Santa Barbara at both a local high school as well as the community college in SB.

Is it correct that Noel was you're student?
Kevin: I don't know if student is the right word, but he was enrolled in some of my classes. Actually he wasn't that interested in math, but we had a lot of fun when he was my student and even more when he was my student aide.

Tell us something about that situation/relationship???
Kevin: Noel was a younger buddy of some of my former students who shared the punk rock connection with me. By the time Noel was in my class, he knew I was down and we talked about music a lot. He and some other stu's started a band and I went and saw them play and made them stickers and stuff to help support their scene. They were actually really good. They were called Gazpacho. After they called it quits, Noel walked up to me one day and said What are you doing tonight?  I took three steps back and paused and followed up with a skeptical, I don t know. Why?  He busted an ear to ear grin and said, Wanna play some rocking jams?  I tried to think of a reason to say no, but as he was a cool straightedge kid at the time and his parents were down, I said with who and all that shit and then agreed. Noel:My dads a teacher so I've been around them and their varied degrees of sobriety all my life.So from the get go we had a different connection
d.r.: noel agreed not to report the molestation if kevin played bass...

As a theacher you have responsabillities right? I'm wondering how you follow them or bann them at a certain point?
Kevin: Certain things that deal with the well-being of students like drug abuse, child abuse and the like, I have no choice but to follow the rules to the T  or I would lose my job as well as my integrity and self respect. But other things I try to take with a grain of salt and remember my own youth and the feeling that everyone was out to get me and try to be cool with most things, within reason of course.
d.r.: he's a "narc"

The hollywood school movies we see about the north US schools.. is it really that daft?
beautifull girl with posse sport billy's losers deadbeats punx nerds
Kevin: I don't know what daft  means, but, as much as I hate to admit it, a lot of those movies were right on the money, in the 80's anyway. Things have changed a lot since then though. There still are a lot of distinct cliques  in the schools now though.
d.r.: "daft" means "brainlees", "stupid", etc. & yeah, it's really like that for the most part...
Noel:At the High school across town the jocks one time raped a retarded male student.

And the whole big deal about prom night... tell me something how you see this.. also how you all see it and saw it when you where younger!?
Kevin: I never went to the prom while I was in school. I thought it was a dumb way to waste not only an evening, but a hell of a lot of money too. Noel:By the time I was 16 I was out of school working at a record store.I was probably on tour by the time Prom rolled around.Just another social club I wouldn't even know how to be apart of.
d.r.: i went to 2 proms and i got fucked-up on drugs and laid at at the first one (when i was a Junior), and stayed sober & got nothing at my own when i was a Senior... in High School there were the people that partied all of the time (us & the sluts) and then there was prom night, when the uptight "normal" people let it all hang out & you got to take that incredibly hot, intelligent virgin girl into the hot-tub while you were both on ecstacy & fuck all night long... kind of like Halloween becomes once you turn 25...

That one thing where you all agree about?
Kevin: We rarely ALL agree on anything.
Noel:But we totally agree on all that stuff
d.r: hot chicks, liquor, beer, wine & R.K.L. (no weed for me, thanks)

Ever thrashed for jesus?
Kevin: Nope.
jeff: not that I'm aware of
d.r.: i was brainwashed for a little while, but thrash & jesus never mixed...
Noel:Only when listening to Trouble so loud my ears bleed.

Why HTT? is gonna stop? I know it wasn't a long term project but.. why stop it?
Jeff: Bro, we were a long term project. This shit went on for 6 years.....and that's a long time in the current state of American Hardcore. But as usual, bordom sets in and people move on.
Kevin: It basically boils down to demographics. DR decided to go back to school in San Diego, Noel moved to Oakland and Jeff moved to Los Angeles. Now we are spread out all over the state and it isn't worth it to try and continue. Aside from that, quite honestly, most bands that live to long play themselves into the ground and we didn't want that to happen to us.
d.r.: i was sick of it years ago... the geography just forced it to finally die (long past due in my opinion)

What's up with the skeleton on you're first 7".. what the fuck he tries to do with that skateboard?
Kevin: That's a good question. I asked our friend Ryan Van Aken, a CA tattooist to do the art for us and told him that we were after old school skating. He drew that based on an ad from an old thrasher magazine and personalized it with the whole skeleton thing. But hey Mike, wouldn't you want to pull that trick off at the top of some coping? I know I couldn't.
Noel:If you ever meet the dude who drew that it would make total sense. d.r.: not really sure how much "skating" Ryan has done...
Kevin: He was actually pretty good but he is too afraid to hurt his precious tattoo hands to do it much

I know Graham and DR skate (not doctor skate but dr that skates!). who else from the band is actually skateboarding?
Kevin: I skated the entire time I was growing up but have tapered off in recent years. Too many broken bones have turned me into a big pussy. I do still skate occasionally though.
Noel:I use to try to skate had boards and stuff.But Im a loppy fool already shitty balace, always walking into stuff....and now my hearing is so fucked I can't even walk straight.
d.r.: jeff is overly modest about this topic... he used to skate a lot, and i've heard that he is pretty good, but i could never get him to skate with me...

Why DR hit his head w/ the BBQ pool party. What trick he tried. Do people already know the actual story? Or are you sick of it already?
Kevin: Trick? Yeah that's a good one. He basically went 4 feet up the transition of the pool and fell backwards and took himself out.
d.r.: i don't remember & yes i'm sick of the question...

Pool or vert?
Kevin: Pool.
Jeff: pool
d.r.: masonite ramps with steel coping, big smooth transitions & not too much vert... hips are fun, roll-in channels are fun, extensions can get out of control, but if not too high can be fun... spines can be fun too... i don't like concrete too much any more, because my old-ass body has a slower recovery time than it used to... these all steel thingies you guys have set up all over the outdoor public parks in Europe are deadly evil... masonite "pools" are the best, or even just masonite bowls... this one in Florida really stands out in my memeory... i'd love to design a park...

Street or snakerun?
Kevin: Snakerun.
jeff: street
d.r: street... i used to be ALL about street...

Powel or h-street?
Kevin: Powell,.... obviously I'm an old fuck.
jeff: tie, both were innovative and critical to skateboarding
d.r.: H-Street (former sponsor)

You know who our prime minister is?
Kevin: No.
Jeff: I don't know, but I'm sure Bush will try to kill him.
d.r.: can't remeber, but you guys had it drilled into my head when i was over there...

Would you want him rather than mr Bush as you're president, I think ours have some great christian ideas!? haha
Kevin: Just about anyone would be better than Bush!
d.r.: i don't know who the fuck he is, but if he's like any other modern western politician, then it would most likely be "same shit; different asshole"...

Noel and graham stayed for quite a while in the Netherlands cause knife fight and annihilation time had to tour. What you think of the Netherlands.. please if possible try to avoid the drugs hookers and tulip stuff!?
Noel:What dude you afraid of the tulip!!That thing gets you high as fuck!Holland rules I almost stayed but I had some stupid shit to deal with in the states so I had to cruise back.
Kevin: The Netherlands rules! I have a lot of friends in the Netherlands and as a result have travelled there multiple times, on both band business and personal. I had a lot of friends who have tattooed there as well so I get a tattoo in Amsterdam on most visits.
d.r.: i really liked the people that i met in the Netherlands, but since the rest of my band wanted to spend so much time in the Red Light Districts everywhere we went i really was annoyed & bored a lot of the time...

Noel, you actually stayed a bit longer.. did nobody missed you back home?
d.r.: fuck no... what's to miss?
Noel:My family was kinda tripped out.I was gone for 3.5 months.I was so skinny my fat ass could fit into a medium shirt.

HTT? Euro tours. I didn't expect you would come for a 2nd time cause of the financial risk. But you did. What made you come over again. I mean what is the attraction for HTT? to visit Europe!?
Kevin: The people are the main attraction. People in Europe seem to stay down for the cause whereas people in the US grow out of the scene by the time they finish college. It's all about cool people to party with for the most part.
Jeff: Why travel the US? We all did it as a kid and nobody shows up to the shows anyhow because we weren't metal core or fashionable.
d.r.: in some ways it's the best way to tour, although we actually made money on U.S. Tour & always lost money in Europe... on our '03-'04 U.S. Winter Tour our van broke down repeatedly, and noel did all of the booking, and we spent money on hotels a few times, and paid for all of our own food & drinks, and we got stranded in Jersey for a week (without any shows, of course), and we still came out on top... Europe is better just because the scene is so much more supportive... and i actually really enjoy staying in squats! in general: the turn-outs at the shows are larger, the people are friendlier, and the other bands are of higher quality... i'd rather lose money & enjoy the people at the shows than make money playing to a bunch of attitudinal assholes... the kids in the U.S. scene just plain suck!
Noel:Where else could I beer bong warm kraut beer with the Waste!

Do you guy's shave with blades or with a machine.. and is it something you enjoy doing?
Jeff: don't shave. I sport a beard
Kevin: I use a machine, and no I don't enjoy doing it, though I can't handle beards for prolonged periods of time, so I guess I kind of do like it, or the end result anyway.
d.r.: i use a blade on my face (often without any cream), but i pluck out pubic hairs one at a time for sexual grooming... it's more time-consuming, but i get off on the sensation & they grow back slower... the only downside is that they sometime come back in-grown & can look like an s.t.d., but that hasn't stopped me so far... my hand doesn't seem to mind
Name 4 'famous' people that impressed / inspired you? Kevin: As evidenced by their actions on multiple occasions, famous people suck! I try to find my inspiration elsewhere.
Jeff: role models only let you down in the end.
d.r.: Natas Kaupas, Ron Allen, Werner Heisenberg, & Morrissey (up until about 1991)...
Noel:When you meet someone that has had an impact on you creatively and they're just a dude hanging out it can be really cool and inspiring.But sometimes you begin to know alot about them and really creative people are fucked up in the head.Derrick and Bomber,the ultimate drummers and the ultimate dudes huge inspirations for me took there own lives this last year.That really tripped me out.Rest in Peace Ragers.....

What is the last movie you've watched.
Kevin: Less than zero.
Jeff: I don't watch movies.
Noel:Fela Kuti"Music is the weapon" and some dvd about the Occult roots of the 3rd Reich.
d.r.: i just finished watching the Aqua Teen Hunger Force box set a couple of days ago... fucking amazing! i'm still laughing randomly as i remember lines throughout the day...

Do you have pets, why do you have them.. what kind of pets.. names.
Kevin: I have a very expensive cat named Speedbump and an African Rosey Gecko named Slim. I have them mostly for companionship, but I am an animal lover through and through. I say my cat is expensive because he is 16 years old and has some health and vision issues. Actually, I found him half dead in my apartment 4 days ago and luckily he was just experiencing a need for sugar (diabetic) and the vet was able to resurrect him from the dead, for a mere $800 that is.
d.r.: i have a cat named "Dildo" that i found abandoned in a bush when she was only a few days old & i nursed her on milk replacer, so she's totally like a daughter to me... she's 5 an a half years old... i also have a Black Mexican King snake named "Diablo" that my friend, luke, bred in captivity & gave me as a birthday present about 10 years ago... i have always loved animals, especially cats & snakes, but i have issues with keeping pets in cages... this doesn't apply to my cat at all (she comes & goes as she pleases), but the snake thing is a little weird to me... i guess he would die for sure if i released him, so... (?)
Do metal wounds heal?
Jeff: apparently not because the song was really titled Mental Wounds.
Kevin: Actually it was metal wounds there buddy,... but mental wounds would be more appropriate haha.
d.r.: i titled it, it's "Metal Wounds" and NO, they don't heal... why is anybody else even TRYING to answer this question?

You recorded for a last 12"... are you satisfied with it?
Kevin: I like it a lot. I think it is our best yet, but,... what the fuck do I know,.... I liked our last 12  too and a lot of people, primarily those in Amsterdam, thought it was too metal. Take a listen when it comes out and see what you think.
Jeff: like I said...metal above all
d.r.: i like it a lot, but i think it's just "different", not necessarily better than any of our other stuff... it's the logical conclusion to what we did as a band...

Who is gonna release it? How many?
Kevin: Six Weeks will release it. I think they are pressing 1000 vinyl and 1000 CD's, but I'm not sure.

You've asked Pushhead for the artwork, did you had to wait long? I guess there will be a skull and some spotty bits on the cover than?
Kevin: Haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how long we waited  for it. Hopefully, it is straight old school 80's type Pushead as that is what we asked for when we commisioned him.
Jeff: still waiting
Noel:I use to be so into Pushead.That was always something I wanted to have was my bands cover by the Man.But know I see the factory like setup he has and how there has been No personal connection it just feels cheap.

Did HTT? make you all very rich?
Kevin: Fuck no!
Jeff: yes because Kevin paid for it all
d.r.: it made me homeless a couple of times & i worked my ass off to pay for my third of the band expenses...
Kevin: A good follow up question would be, why in thirds if there were 4 or 5 of us,... I'll leave that one hangin .

Why not? Kevin: Because we are HTT?! And, unfortunately, because I DID pretty much pay for everything.
d.r.: because there is no money in hardcore & you have to pay to play...

Tell me a bit where you all grew up.. era & area..
Jeff: Goleta Bitch! Sun, surf, girls, RKL, skateboards......2 good record stores and a heep load of good friends. The 80's were pretty good and the 90's got better only because I got older and was able to go to more shows.
Kevin: I grew up in the shithole of Bakersfield, CA. This is a crappy town about two hours north of Los Angeles. I was a teenager in the 80's. Not too much to do there but fight a bunch of yahoo cowboys and metalheads during that time so it pretty much sucked. The coolest thing about growing up then and there was that we were close enough to LA to be a part of that scene. I was lucky enough to see all the rad 80's Southern California and nardcore bands like Black Flag, TSOL, RKL, Agression and the like multiple times so that was cool. Also got to see a lot of the bands visiting LA from the East Coast and England like Bad Brains, the UK Subhumans and shit like that too. I will say however, that I am glad that I moved from there in 1990 when I turned 20. I will never move back!
Noel:When I lived in Sb it was kinda whack.I was also StraightEdge for most of it.Then I moved to Ventura which was shitter but a little more real than the Disneyland that is the SB.Nothing going on there but shithead longhairs and Tall cans of Icehouse.We would party in the sewers sometimes that was a trip.Candle light,Venom and the punishment of stolen 24packs.
d.r.: i grew up in San Diego during the '70s & '80s, which SHOULD have been really cool, but my parents are extremely conservative, Catholic, Republican, ex-Military types who wouldn't let me out of the house except to go to school (private/religious schools)... i grew up surfing & skateboarding & older kids got me into punk & partying when i was still really young... i tried to sneak out to shows & stuff, but i just got in more & more trouble, getting kicked out of schools & shit until i almost got shipped off to Military School... i had to keep my head pretty low for my last 2 years of High School... How was the last gig,,, did you knew than it was the last.. ?
Kevin: The last show was really cool! We played the Socal Fest and it was billed as our last show so everyone knew that was it for us. We got to play with a lot of our friends  bands like Municipal Waste, Annihilation Time, Destruction s End and Funeral Shock. It was a fun show to go out on!
Jeff: probably one of the top 3 shows we ever played.
d.r.: it was definitely PLANNED as our last show...

Kev, tell everybody about you're love for the Jawa motorcycle and you're trip..
Kevin: Ah, the Jawa! Some friends of mine and I were in the Czech Republic in 1993 when we saw our first old Jawa. My friend Gary and I were blown away as we had never seen anything like them. As things turned out, Gary and his soon to be wife Erika were moving to the Czech Republic at the time and I was there with them for their first few weeks. I left and Gary got a job at the Prague Post, a local newspaper written in english while his wife taught English to some local folk. Eventually, Gary got a job with a magazine from the UK who paid him VERY well to write for them as an economic forecaster. One night at the bar with some of his friends, all of which had Jawa s, Gary hatched up the idea of getting more Jawa's and some friends out to ride across Europe and then the US as their pilgrimage home to Santa Cruz, CA. Gary spent the next few months trying to recruit people to go on the trip. Initially, about 10 of our friends said they were interested so Gary started buying every Jawa built between 1953 and 1958 that he could get his hands on. He ended up buying a total of 20 bikes and fully restored 12 of them with the help of his hired mechanic Olda and a helper named Stenjek. When push came to shove and the time to ride was approaching, almost all of our friends backed out of the trip. It tuned out that Gary, Erika, Gary's cousin Craig and myself were the only ones prepared to see it through. I arrived at midnight the morning of my birthday in 1997 and helped them with the finishing touches on the bikes (like changing the numbers on the frames and motors so the paperwork matched each bike,.... haha,.... shhh). The morning of 04 July we were ready and loaded our bikes and PAV s (cool little tear drop trailers that we pulled behind the bikes) and we were off. I almost died that morning because I loaded my trailer a bit top heavy and it started skipping all over the road when we got on the highway. We pulled over and readjusted everything though and all was well for the rest of the trip for the most part. We rode from the Czech Republic to Spain, going through Austria, Slovenia, Italy (where we had to abandon one of the bikes on the side of the road becuase Craig had to leave and we didn't make his final destination in time and we almost got arrested -- long story), and France along the way. Once we got there, I ran out of time and had to have my bike boxed and shipped to LA via one of Spain's fine ocean liners while Gary and Erika loaded their bike onto the plane with them and flew to Atlanta to start their US portion of the trek home. It was a blast and every one of our friends who didn't go were not happy with their decisions when we got home and showed them the bikes and told them all of the crazy shit we went through along the way. I love the Jawa, but honestly don't ride it very often after purchasing a 2001 Harley which I rode across the US with DR and his crazy 1978 Honda Gold Wing that broke down just days after returning from a 8000+ mile trip haha.

Also if the others have some great story non band related I would love to hear it... we all already know HHT? was a great band! haha
d.r.: i am 33 years old, i live with my parents, i go to a community college, i have no friends and i mastrubate to internet porn about 3 times a day... interesting, huh? maybe the "going into a coma for my 30th Birthday Present" story would have been a better choice (see "D.R. hit his head" question above)
Noel:When me and Graham were in Den Haag after AT tour waiting for the dudes to show up we dropped acid and saw some show on the History channel about Albert Speer the 3rd Reich's arcitichet.We were peaking walking around looking for food when we both starting tripping out and thinking Den Haag was occupied again.We heard solidiers and goose stepping and thought there was tanks and shit.Man we were ripped.....
Kevin: Are you some kind of fucking Nazi Noel? Loser!

Further plans, new bands / projects.. tell me what you are all up to.. would love to hear it..
Kevin: Right now I am bandless which sucks ass! Unfortunately, DR was in both of my bands when he moved and they therefore both disintegrated upon his departure. Jeff, Chris Flippin (RKL/Lagwagon), Paul Rucker (Drag the River/Armchair Martian) and myself are in the process of putting together a new speed metal band some time in the near future so that s going to rock once we get it going. I am also jamming with a few ex-students and we might look for a singer and get something else going too. We ll see what happens.
Jeff: aside from the proposed speed metal/thrash thing, I'm in Broken Needle and MARS. Look the shit up on
Noel:When Namleg actually gets the shit together it will seriously rip the faces off of the current state of 'core.
d.r.: i am a full-time student... i'm trying to get into a PhD Program in Neuroscience, so i am taking a lot of pretty gnarly classes... in addition to that, 20 hours a week i am doing an unpaid internship for this Doctor who is studying the behavior of Fruit Flies and monitoring their brain activity as well as manipulating their genetics to test the effect of "knocking out" certain genes that have been traced to certain behaviors... it might sound somewhat interesting here, but the work is extremely boring and meticulous... i also work approximately 20 hours a week as my grandmother's care-giver, who lives with me & my parents (we take turns, sort of)... she's 90 & totally gone mentally as well as being severely physically disabled... i am also working on a solo music project whenever i find the time, which has not been very often
Graham: DR, you're boring! Look for Annihilation Time back in Europe starting on April 20 in Den Haag.

Graham, tell us something about you're Scandi stalker chick on the 2nd tour.. I thought it was kinda strange and creepy.. especially that see found her way to the first gig (where no one else found his her way to.. haarlem sucks hahaha) that really freaked me out. You where also kinda nervous.. but tell us.. UK, Utrecht she found you every fucking where haha. You handsome stud.
d.r.: "handsome"? Mike, you've seen Graham!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
Graham: She was a very nice girl,... we spent some quality time together.

Jeff, did you sometimes had guitar solo battles with graham? Who won?
Jeff: naw....our shit was planned out and if Graham forgot, then I just kept going.
Graham: I blew Jeff off the stage every night and his hotlicks couldn't come even close to being as brutal as mine. Just kidding,... I guess.

You know that movie with that Karata kid dude and Steve Vai..? Did that movie inspired you to play the guitar?
Jeff: I have no idea what movie you speak of, but my neighbors inspired me to play music. Manumission was my first real band and we were like the 4 band in my from them I would have to say Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" and Van Halen's "1984" had a decent impact.
d.r.: that movie is called "Crossroads" & it sucks...
Noel:The Guitar Wolf movie "Wild Zero" is the coolest music movie.

Noel, why you drum like a fucking amazing drum god with stoner attitude? You never paid for my drum sheets you lumberjack! haha.
Noel:Dude I thought we paid you.Sorry man another innocent bystander to the mayhem.

Tell us something you really want to make clear about HTT?
Kevin: We are through, so everyone needs to please stop asking us to come and play shows all over the place.
d.r.: we are still sitting on shitloads of merch, so don't buy it from labels or distros or stores, BUY IT FROM US!!! e-mail Kevin at and he'll give you a price break-down (Myspace page coming soon)...

Does the sun shine now over there.. is it warm.. here it's pissing rain, cold and windy!
Kevin: Today it is actually raining haha, but over the past few weeks it has been really nice with temperatures in the 60's and great winter waves to ride for all of those who surf.
d.r.: here in San Diego on Christmas Eve it was 83 degrees Farenheit outside & surf was 10 feet high... eat your fucking hearts out!

Will you always be the rat patrol?
Kevin: No, but it will always be a part of us.
Jeff: I wish to copy kevin's statement
d.r.: the "Rat Patrol" was supposed to describe me and my friends when we were like 13 & 14, but it did definitely become everyone's favorite nickname for HTT?, so Holier? will always be the Rat Patrol i guess, but since we are no longer in Holier?, i guess that we aren't anymore... now we're the "Fat Patrol"...

Guy's from the first mrr interview till you're last 12" I loved you're attitude and music.. I will miss it a lot but that makes it kinda special in a way... please if you want to do it again.. come over anytime..
Kevin: Thanks, but,.... see my reponse three questions previous haha. In all seriousness though, it was fun while it lasted and I loved meeting cool people all over the world and partying with you all, but we are done! Thanks to everyone who was a part of the madness!
Jeff: Look for everyone's new band or old band. Good things are on the horizon for the fans of HTT...... Different style, but same energy. Thanks for allowing us to go on for as long as we did. Best thing I've ever been a part my life.
d.r.: yeah right, it sucked... you all suck... ;]