lack of infest - 2007 / 2010:
Back in 2007 I had a short and fast session with ed camp and martijn fff, this should have been lack of infest.. but time, motivation and stuff like that made it happen it never came ofground.

2009, found some fresh victems and after 3 sessions over a periode of 24 months I thought it was time to record some tunes.

nop.. don't think it ever will happen.. bummer!

martin - drums
tim - 6 string assault
me - bass and screamz

wanker demo - 2010
1.stupid fuck
2.trafic jam wide wankers
4.moron mosh
5.break the chain
8.the power is poison
9.hate my self
11.fist fight beats gun fight

complete 2010 1 track all songs wanker demo