I did this "interview" with 16 year old Michael Palmer,
He's original from Glasgow / Scotland but moved at the ages of 5 to England. From there the family found their way to the lowlands, Hoofddorp to be exact!
When I moved for my work to Heemstede 1 1/2 year ago I skated more often the hoofddorp skatepark.
This is where I met Micheal and was amazed by his style from day one:
Fast, high, bigass transfers and this all looked like it didn't cost him any energy!
Besides his powerfull skating he's a goofy, smart, friendly guy,
I think he's got what it takes to be a number 1 skatedude!
Check out his funny answers......

fast and high or slow and tech.?
I like fast and high, because even though I like tech, flips never seem to work for me, hehe.

looking up to:
I look up to uhh... John Rattray, Scottish skater, and people who have fun instead of stressing.

what else besides skateboarding?
Besides skateboarding, I like to hang out with friends and laugh alot, and BMX is quite cool aswell.

My favourite spot, is probably Utrecht skatepark, and the local office blocks in Hoofddorp.

My favourite trick lately is a kickflip, but I love frontside smith reverts.

firsttrick you landed?
The first trick I landed was a bomb drop, that i thought was an acid drop.

motor or car?
Motor, cause some guy took me for a ride on his Honda the other day and it ruled!!!

fastfood or homecooked meal?
My mum cooks real good food, but fastfood like BurgerKing is great if ur hungry and away from home.

last cd you burned?
Uhh, this is a hard one, uhh... I think it was my Ramones album this guy Nick stole from me.

favorit film?
My favourite film is proably "Lock, stock and two smoking barrles", cause it makes me laugh my ass off.

bert or ernie?
Uhh, ive forgotten what they look like, but i heard Bert raped Ernie so i feel bad for him.

importend to know about you?
Im NOT english, I am Scottish, haha.

you want to get sponsord and stuff?
Id like to get sponcered cause free stuff rules. But I suck too much.

street or park?
Park mostly, but when I cant do anything on the ramps i get pissed and go to the streets.

trasition or flatbank?
Transition for sure, cause i love the wavey feel. And I think its easier.

does fieldhocky really sucks?
Haha, i used to play field hocky, I dont think it sucks, but i dont want to play it again.

what else sucks?
People who dont have fun suck... And griptape that rips your shoes sucks.

moustache or beard?
moustache man, im getting my own now haha. Beard isnt good for the ladies.
how many decks you've broken?
I think i've broken like 10 boards or something, i hate it cause then i got no money to get a new one for a while.

future ambitions?
my future ambitions are to keep skating, and to study some more at school, eventhough studying is boring as hell. And I want to go to as many places as possible.

when you will stop skateboarding?
Ill stop skatboarding when i really cant no more. Which i hope is NEVER!

first trick you want to learn?
Uhh, i want to learn those backside 360 grabs, cause they are really annoying....

do or think?
A little bit of bith, cause you can do stuff without thinking, but if its like jumping off of a bridge, then you've gotta think about it, haha.

disco or concert?
I've been to one concert, but it wasnt for any real bands, but it was real fun, but discos are fun too if you have good music and stuff.

confront or run?
Confront man, unless its a 10 foot high body builder guy who is gonna kick your ass.

police or firemen?
Firemen, cause they're sexy, haha. Not really. Firemen will save you, but police will take their time.

dog or cat?
I've got a cat, called Willy, but my friend has a dog who just stands in the middle of the road when cars come along, so that would be cool.

concrete, wood ar metal?
CONCRETE baby, i love it, metal sucks ass. And wood is cool but concrete is always good for ya. Like when you fall.

if you had 40.000 euro's, than:
If I had 40.000 euros, i would go and give it to someone, and then say, "HAHA, you don't really think im going to give you 40.000 euros do you?"

what is an english lad like you doing in shitty hoofddorp?
Im Scottish, hehe, and im here cause my dad got a job here. And i liked then skatepark, if i didnt like it then we would be living in Den Haag.

you're not that old! Did you had/have rollorbladeszzzzz?
Yeah im 16, and I did have rollerblades cause i thought they were cool, but that was when i was like 7 or something, so I did'nt know what I was doing.

what is a soul grind!?
I know what a soul grind is! Its where you put one leg in front of the other and the back one is like bent round... Then you fall over, and your ankel bone comes out of your skin and you can never rollerblade again... You sick ass mo' fo'... some 'realtime' footage..................... preview skate or die motherfucker video #1:

preview for a video that never saw it's release from mike d on Vimeo.