Pep 'uitwuif' gig at the acu
A great band, a great club, a great city, a great afternoon..

With one article each 12 months It almost looks like the inspiration is gone but the truth is far from it. I'm very busy with the "studio" and building up waking the dead so the site is a bit on 2nd place.
Last Sunday Mihoen had their farewell gig.. at least for now. Pepijn is going to the States so the band goes in hibernation. Let's hope we'll see them some day wake up and if needed I'll gladly help reanimate them back to that best punkcore band the Netherlands ever seen.

This is my 3rd chapter of "inspiration for dedication" and instead of just put the spotlight on Mihoen I'll bore you with the whole happening.
Cause the afternoon had it all for me


Sunday afternoon, with a charge battery, an empty memory card and the Linux I picked up Tim dead from his shitty town.
Just 30 minutes further we cruised through Utrecht city and see already punks walking in the one and only direction a punk should walk that day or any other day for that matter. Cause for me in Utrecht city all the street lead to the best club of the Netherlands and that's of course the Acu.

The well organized gigs and festivals are a pleasure to visit as well for the bands as for the audience. The food is one of the best you can get when you tour Europe. They have a good steady 'local' scene and there is a good mix between young, old, girls and boys.
For me it's always been great to play the Acu, but I must admit with Friso as steady Acu local on vocals in SAF it where always kinda home sweat home gigs, we'll see what happens when I will play with Waking the dead this April haha.
I can ramble on and on about this place, but the best is see for you're self.
Pick one of the great shows they organize and enjoy it big time.

We entered the Acu around 3 pm, the doors where just open and already loads of familiar faces. Bloemebuurt punx from the town where I live, dead area power violence idiots from ash, a28 punx, Limburg clica, Hilversum old fartz, Utrecht locals and on and on.
After a nice cup of cafe I escaped from the crowd and sneaked towards the stage where Jesus crust start playing.
I know them from years ago and lost actually touch on what noise they produced now day's. With only two of them (guitar and drums) you somehow expect it to be quite over the top.. and yes it was!
It wasn't mind blowing, but some songs had that extra impact on me. The best was to see that the guy's had fun big time on stage and the drummer his announcements where hilarious. For sure the ice was completely broken and the afternoon couldn't go wrong from here on.

At this moment the Acu had to close the doors, you only could get inside when some left. I decide to keep my spot in front of the stage and send my metalemo slave for drinks.
Next band was Seein red.
What can I say, these guy's still going short, fast and loud. For me Seein red is one of those inspiration sources that maintain such an eye opener.
The way they stay true to there messages and sheer power of their music. The best is that it are just these 3 blokes being the nicest dudes you could meet.
Back in 1996 (or '97?) I put them for the first time on a festival of mine. If you put that moment next to this afternoon it has basically the same feel to it. I think that's a very good thing!
Now I think about it, I actually never witness a lame Seein red gig and must have seen them at least 20 times over the past 12 years. This gig was no exception, fucking rough fast and powerful.

After some easy piecy chit chat and band stalking the crust attack from Leiden started with their blasting noise.
Head bangers, some tsunami kinda movement in the pit, new school power moves, vodka.. damn people got siked big time and you could actually feel the tension built up to a greater volume human brains could accept!
Krush played great, this band maintains to keep the gold formula why crust / grind got my attention. Two screaming singers, pounding drums and bass, guitar just full throttle in the one and only direction possible. All this mixed with the dreads, longhair, patches and smiley attitude gives me that nostalgic feel that a crust band deserves.

Well than there was the moment. The acu was packed, it was warm, people where drunk, only smiley faces, young, old, mascualant boys and girly wurly's it promised to get mayhem!
After the funny statements from the guy's it was time to start the noise with the one and only rule there is for short, fast and loud: start and finnish all at the same time!
"Breek de tent af" where the last words from Arno before the band kicked in high speed. Damn there is only one Mihoen and it was after 1 nano second I figured out that it would suck big time if this would really be the last we saw of Mihoen.
Stagediving, tsunami's in the pit, stupid jokes, pointing fingers, guest vocals if they wanted or not, smiley faces everywhere yeah it was a great farewell gig.
Funny was the moment that party Pep got the steal record as a goodbye present as he's the cause of Mihoen's hibernation. Where Mihoen always have been critics about the emo movement in punk I found this moment way beyond an 'at the drive in' song!
Lucky they manage the keep it dry (barely) and we could go on with some classic Mihoen tunes!
I gonna miss this band, I actually think its one of the best extreme bands the Netherlands had. I'll end this piece with some lines that stayed with me all these time.

The first time I heard about them this geezer punk from the dead area told me about this "Chinese vegetarian dish" band. I got a tape just a week after that and was almost their biggest fan!

The time 'Kaffer' (pre SAF) played with them, they got really enthausiastic about my cymbals that looked more like ninja weapons and trashcan lids from the year 1923.

The Citroen HY they bought for 25 guilders on the queensday market and just took it on tour!?

The moment I've got one of their new 7" and saw the face of our new singer from SAF on the label!

They played on my birthday party together with some great dutch thrash bands. That was really a nice moment.

Sleeping in the van is not always fun, but when you parked together with Arno and the Mhoen express it's getting almost the moment to look forward for everyday. I laugh my arse off. The lame jokes made me actual pee my pants once, don't think he noticed!? haha
One of the best tour moments ever we witness on that tour. Completely drunk as fuck (yep even I) we joined the locals in Eduard Trabuc rec. hometown with there yearly crazy festival. Just you're plain get drunk and crazy village fest. we had such a laugh. Next morning was not the best ever.. but hea fuck it.. rock and roll right!?

The lay back attitude from Mihoen towards releasing vinyl and the internet is really kinda inspiring.
Big time d.i.y. until they died, a good example that it always will work out if you are true to you're self.

I missed for unknown reasons their "10" year anniversary in 2007. I still feel really stupid about that one. I'm very happy that since than they yet played on SAF's farewell gig and I saw them now.

This afternoon gave me enough boost for the next 6 months. It had everything.