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Some new chapters in my life.
It's time to say goodbye to this narcissistic profiling on the web.
So after a long run, skate or die motherfucker will stop.
It was a great medium to inform people about the music, films and other stuff. But in the last years it got more of a memory database for my self and spam magnet for my mailbox instead of an informative website for any of the people that might be intrested in any of the sounds, pictures or stories that I wanted to share.

I will always be busy with short, fast, loud and slow but go music. And always willing to play gigs where ever, when ever
For the last years it is Villa Fungus and Valser.

The filming is slow, but just released my last film "500" about the classic (f3) 500cc racers. If you are interested in a copy, just get in contact.

The skateboarding ofcourse was allready on a low level, still enjoy it thought.

New for me is that I own now the unique Dutch 500cc Larkens special from 1949.
I try to campaign it as much as possible. Mainly the Netherlands and England.
Hope to see some of you on these events.

Thanks and goodbye

Mike d.

Clicker di clack on picture. Enjoy.

A new chapter for the halflitre racecigars and a nice summer collage from my off work days.

Clicker di clack on picture. Enjoy.

A new chapter for the halflitre racecigars.
Brands Hatch and The Monaco.

Clicker di clack on picture. Enjoy.

Valser did a gig, 3 songs moving pictures with sound
Clicker di clack and enjoy.

Last couple of hours in 2015 and I can add another historic motorsport clip I made last week.
The wall of death

Clicker di clack on picture.

Shot some footage at the September 2015 classic speedway meeting Lelystad:

Clicker di clack on picture.

Shot some footage of the ultra lightweight screamers at the historic grandprix:

Clicker di clack on picture.

Made a little trip and shot some footage again:

And A chapter of 'borrelglasklasse' online:

Clicker di clack on picture.

Started with transfer old music video to digital and will put them online in the next weeks.
Expect Vastatrix,Rupsband, SAF, fun project Sjon Rambo footage and also found some nice gig footage of bands I didn't play in.
Will update this news page when footage is online.

Did a new weekend project.
Three pure deadarea punk rock moped songs in an afternoon with Nilz and Koen

The last day's of 2014 Valser record 5 new songs.
Two songs online, clicker di clack.
We release it as a 5" laser compact disc!

Yep, we hit the road for our first little trip.
Late January 2015 we will do a few UK gigs, check the gig page
29th of January we can use a fun gig to break the distance between (amsterdam) dover and sheffield.
Please get in contact.


Clicker di clack on picture.
After 11 months, it's ready, my first docu.
Brought more than 16 hours of film back to just over 16 minutes. I'm pleased with the result and notice at the premiere on friday the 28th of November that all the classic 50cc race people also enjoy the film.
The first 70 copies are gone, I think that's a good indication what people think of the film.. and it feels damn good.
I still plan a open premiere in December or January. This will happen in Heemstede.
As the film is short I must arrange a bit more entertaining on that moment, keep an eye on the news page
Soon after that premiere I drop it online.
Fresh news, after the closed premiere for the riders in November the president of the golden 50cc riders was so impressed with the film that he arranged that together with het Motorrijwiel the film will be released in a small amount (155).
This is great news, expect the dvd on their website around January the 10th.

Worked a bit on the site, some stuff is gone, some crap appeared.
Add some old music projects on the disco site
Have fun brows around.


uk-villafungus-stabbingdevice from mike d on Vimeo.

Made a small film about classic 500cc formula 3
clicker di clack on the picture

The first recordings of Villa Fungus 'ego free society' are online.
Check it out and spread it like the ebola virus!

A new valser clip online, check it out: The Unborn - Valser

Last day of the year.

The European and UK premiere went really good.
A good vibe all around, looking forward to the next project. Wanna help out in some sort of way, drop a mail.

Clicker di clack on the picture, (a low resolution version of)lady fingers is now online.
Ofcourse you also can order the dvd or pick it up at the irrational library in Haarlem.

dead flowers session 1 online

Clicker di clack and listen and do some doomdance!

Phil collins tribute band - your life is a fucked shithole demo

It's online, tape trade away or order it for 2 euro's ex P&P.

waking the dead package in sale.

For 10 euro's ex sending you can have Waking the dead's split 12" with the shining, full lenght 10" empire and the split 7" with DFC.

A new clip: 'starve - hard to forget'
clicker di clack on the picture

Waking the Dead Brazilian thrashweek tourreport 2011
clicker di clack on the picture

finished shooting for my new big short: FRED
clicker di clack on the picture

new clip: 'valser - down'
clicker di clack on the picture

new short: 'lenen punt nl'
clicker di clack on the picture and checkt the less than 3 minute film..
Thanx to Herman and Ilse for their help.

dead area... the movie!

My first real little big movie.
If you want to help distribute the film let me know. The more places / country's it will be featured the happier I am.
Dead area is selected by Eindhoven Film Festival, 17, 18 and 19 december 2010.
Saturday the 18th in the 3rd film block of shorts from 6 pm till 7:15 pm.
It's a nice festival with loads of short independent films and some nice workshops:

broet / Eindhoven Film Festival

Made a 2nd short clip "press.conference"

Made this clip on the last Saturday of january 2010
Found no one to act so did it my self and hope I didn't made a fool of my self.
Click on the picture to go to the page, hope you like it.

Made a short clip "racebaan"

Made a small clip on the 2nd weekend of 2010.
A creative two day's struggle in cold Dutch winterwonderland.
It's the first in a series I wanna do.
Click on the picture to go to the page, hope you like it.
A big thanx to Tim dead for his help.