operation unity - dead area sessions - may 2006 / november 2006:
Once in a while I have an afternoon session with friends.
This was the first one. Theme was straight edge 1988 style!
We made the songs and recorded them with in 5 hours.
It was martijns first time on bass and he had to split early to go with his girlfriend to the beach,
so paul finished 2 of the 4 bass tracks. One track hasn't got bass on it!
I recorded the vocals at home in one take, not so loud cause otherwise my dog and neighbour would be upset!
The lyrics are straight stolen from chain of strength, xchorusx, youth of today and dag nasty

18/11/2006 will be our first and last show on the short fast and loud plug in and play thrash fest. #2

paul - guitar
martijn - bass
me - drums and vocals

From the crucial demo! - 05/05/2006 dead area session

circle of trust
fight together
the cross