p.o.e.p. - 1995 / 1996:
I had a drum kit so the youth centre punx thought I also could drum!?
The mid tempo punk songs where hitting high gear with me behind the kit.
Somehow I had a love hate thing with this band. I liked that it was raw and fast but I felt there could be more than this.
After a gig driving the boys back home in the singer his escort cause they where to wasted to drive I though 'if it can't get any better than this lets quit it now..'!
Still I had a fun time with them.

We had a couple, non very good I think.. With this band I had my first gig out of the Netherlands: Belgium!

volmer - guitar / vocals
koekie - bass
jaap - vocals
me - drums

demo tape - 1996

1 song bits of noise cd - 1996

demo songs:
bek houwe
I hate