rupsband - 2005 / 2007:
Rupsband started in March 2005,
Rups asked me to join him with this project. Together with Mark en Rogier from the shining and Ed from saf it promised to be fun from the very start.
We did some gigs and made some great songs, as this is a project thing it will kinda end in 2007 after the 2nd release.
With this band I made my first serious recordings and they turned out good enough to put on vinyl.

We did some gig's in the Netherlands.
Kortsluiting - Utrecht / Occii - Amsterdam.
Last one we played at the Baarmoeder in Amsterdam, december 2007.

rups - vocals
mark - guitar
ed - guitar
rogier - bass
me - drums

demo tape - 2005 (not official)

8-Track-Thrash-Attack 7" - 2005

split 7" with Entre Rejas - 2007

the damage is done 2005-2007

last recordings:

act not words
network of antz

rupsband first gig 20050609 utrecht city kortsluiting from mike d on Vimeo.