saf - 2000 / 2006:
SAF stands for Skulls And Flames and actually started out as a three piece band called kaffer.
Mike d, Dave d and Edwin started this band with the hope of producing lots of noise.
Unfortunately they missed somethings and they decided that it was time to think about the band in a more serious way, hell they could all play their instruments but there was something not quite right. They decided to look out for a singer and a second guitarist. They found Theirry as a guitarist who played with Mike d. in tuco ramirez and at a kaffer show they met Friso666 who was organising the show and in desperate need of a new band, to scream in!
The first rehearsal with this new band was amazing, everyone liked the noise that was being produced. It was that old styled hardcore not unlike early suicidal and d.r.i. As soon as the first songs were there we started looking for shows, which wasn't that difficult with friso and mike being regular organisers for local hardcore shows. After the first gigs the response was really good. People liked our style and most important we felt we were doing a really cool thing. So we tried to arrange a tour through Germany, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Austria and Belgium. It all worked out fine, the people that came to the shows really liked us and we made a lot of new friends. We toured three times in the eastern part of Europe and before we knew it we released two 7"'s, one split 7" with our friends LOMB (Badman rec.) and one full length 7" (Balowski rec.) We also visited the UK, France and Spain a couple of times.
Saturday the 27th of October 2006 was our last gig at the acu in Utrecht city. This was one of the best gigs I ever played.
Everybody thanx for the 71 months short fast and loud thrash attack.

We had great tours, germany, czech rep., poland, slovakia, austria, belgium, france, spain, england, scotland and ofcourse the netherlands.
Some great gigs that still sharp in my memory:
1st and last gig at the acu,
on our narcosis tour the goblin in prerov,
1st time at the garage in bratislava,
last time in sheffield,
boston halloween party,
with the misfits in breda,
with life sentence in amsterdam,
with the waste on their first tours,
with hollier than thou!?,
the mini lomb / all tensend up / reproach tour,
1st time in leeds,
the boat in paris
the first short fast and loud festival, well the list goes on and on...

thierry - guitar (first 4 gigs and demo recordings)
ed - bass
friso - screamz
dave - guitar
me - drums

dead area thrash attack demotape - 2001

split 7" with lomb - 2002

full lenght 7" - 2002 (delayed from 2001)

full lenght 12" - 2004

dead area paranoia 12" - 2005

enterrar y callar 10" - 2006

enterrar y callar dvd + cd complete disco - 2006 (only 55 are made!)

1 song on dutch thrash on the rise 7" - 2001

1 song on maximaal onthaal cd - 2001

everyday madness everyday on dedication from inspiration heresy tribute - 2004 (recordings from 2002)

some songs:
From the first 7" / demo
think for your selves

From the split 7"
fucked up kids with broken hearts

From the first 12"
nuclear assault
skate and destroy

From the dead area paranoia 12"
no 2nd change / the waste

From the enterrar y callar 10"
our deepest apriciation!

blury you tube dvd trailer

SAF / VP tour report
SAF vs VP - UK

Friso also keeps a myspace spots on the web:skulls and flames