tuco ramirez - 1996 / 1999:
The start of this band was sour. I already wanted to do something like disrupt for a while and wanted to bring some people together to try this.
Guitarist and girly vocalist didn't show up and the first get together sucked big time.
On the few sessions after that, Thierry who initially would do vocals switched to guitar (back than a pointy one!), Koekie from p.o.e.p. hit the 4 string, this punk for life dude "Chicken" on vocals and me on drums
Chicken ... well chickened out after a few sessions and left us 3 decide to hang low for a while.

After a couple of months Thierry and me picked up fast where we left and had some ideas that we loved and I switched to bass and vocals and Thierry stayed on guitar and add vocals with it. We kinda left Koekie for what it was.. dunno guess the two of us thought we just started something new!
I brought our first demo tape (with a drum computer.) on the second catweazle tour i joind and noticed Michael liked it.. so it was a small step from there to ask him for the job.
This line up was actually Tuco Ramirez for real and I didn't gave a fuck how we would sound as long as it was loud, fast, hyper and hard to the core!
We did a couple of gigs and recorded twice, the second recordings still don't have vocals on it and the plan is to record them before 2007!
We couldn't get hold on Michael cause pcp and shikari where starting off. That was actually the end of Tuco Ramirez.

We had a couple, best ones I guess kiehool, groningen squad, duckdalf and kerstival!

thierry - guitar / vocals
michael - drums
me - bass / vocals

pigs demo tape - 1996

samenloop van omstandigheden demo tape - 1997

boycot split - 1998

1 song on okara / kamizole benefit cd - 2000

2 song on human dust vol.2 7" - 2000

1 song on nederthrash in opkomst 7" - 2000
(this vocal parts are the only one I did on the last recordings.. I did them with a sore throat and it's not 100%)

some songs:
hijo de puta - from split 7"
sober system - from split 7"
song from our last recordings - still no vocals and originals lost
song from our last recordings - still no vocals and originals lost
song from our last recordings - still no vocals and originals lost

kiehole gig 1999

tuco ramirez - dead area power violence!? from mike d on Vimeo.