undies - 1992 / 1993
This was the worst idea ever.
Start a band with two other deadbeat friends in that crucial period of you're live that you are really into the worst noisecore ever.
We actually never where serious and it was more a fictional band.
But with me getting way into the tape trade stuff we did some funny things.
Our demo is actually sold to people in germany and the uk.. fools!
The one time we played live, we had this big thing with Heino.. a diy life sized heino display was brought on stage and demolished with in 10 seconds.
As I was the only fuck who was willing to try to play an instrument we had help from the knobbIies and the pikkies on stage... still we sucked big time, haha

self organized worst band ever fest. - we won! somewhere 1993 in Troll / dead area.

jochem - "vocals" sometimes bass!?
petty - guitar (never plugged in!)
me - bass and "drums"
undies demo - 1993

from our one and only gig:
5 "songs"