vastatrix - 1993 / 2000:
This was my first real band.
Dave asked me for his project. I just bought a bass so I thought he need me for the 4 strings.. but of course he heard me 'play' in my little room and he was more aiming for the spazztic over reacting retard as he has seen me behave on a number of gigs we visited.. on vocals that is than hea!.
As dave was way in to thrash / prong and suicidal stuff and me just made my transfer from elvis to carcass it was hard to get an idea where this would end!
Dave asked the brother of somebody from an earlier project to play bass. This was co our first bass player.... he was very good in what he did and just as good, his dad owned a studio haha!
With him playing the bass that well (later period of vastatrix he even had a chris larking six string tree around his neck!) vastatrix had always a more than average bass orientated sound.
Our drummer we found through an add at the local music shop. Later we found out the add was around 3 years old... but edwin wanted to give it a try. We picked him cause of his 'noise' reference in the add, later to found out that he mend the wave type of noise instead of the anal cunt kinda style I thought he mend.. haha.
First rehearsal went great it sounded like a real band and I was in high heavens.
In 1997 Co quit, but we still wanted to go explore.
Around the time Q started to pull the four strings we also got a more rock - noise - screamo type of sound.
For the last 3 years of vastatrix we didn't gig that much, but we made some really good songs and where tide as fuck when we played live
When Edwin got his 2nd kid he announced to quit with the band.
As we all had our new / other projects we decide to quit as a band
I will always miss this band.

We did about 70 gig in the netherlands. Mostley youth centres

me - vocals
dave d. - guitar
q - bass 1997< (co till >1997)
edwin - drums

mind in pain demo tape - 1993

phyloxera demo tape - 1994

intense mcd - 1995

stagetape demo tape - 1997

farewell 7" - 2000

1 song on flatertheek cd - 1995

1 song on darkage comp. tape - 1994

From our limited to 100 chocolatebrown farewell 7":

my enemy
emotional violence
the end
(sorry for knac on the end, had to record from vinyl!?)

vastatrix.denhelder.1999.part1 from mike d on Vimeo.

vastatrix.denhelder.1999.part2 from mike d on Vimeo.

vastatrix.denhelder.1999.part3 from mike d on Vimeo.

vastatrix.denhelder.1999.part4(last) from mike d on Vimeo.