The first time I saw the pacifists was with SAF in Hartlepool UK.
They where all 16 and so shy. They had these homemade ds-13 shirts and played as if their lives was depending of it.
Charley announced all songs like this: next song is also a shit one. After that I've seen them also on all our other tours. In April 2006 they finally come over to the mainland and I'm stoked about it.

Just so you know who's who:
charley - screams
mez - bass
ol - drums
tommy - guitar
kate - moral support and 1st class girl

If you where god.. I mean the four of you where one god.. what would you have done different? and what car would you drive!? brand, type, horse power, color ect..
GOD (mez): why would i need a car, dickhead?

Are some of you religious or had to do with that stuff in you're childhood... or maybe still.. cause do you all live on you're own or what??
CHARLIE: I am a reverend. My dad does funerals now. OL: He can marry people in some states. KATE: Tom's Dad is a casual racist. CHARLIE: I thought he was part-time OL: no-one say anything or i m typing it

Why do I like you guy's?
OL: I am a loveable scamp.
Tom: I'm a mean guitarist, not my words the words of Kate Bristow,
Charlie: I don't think they like Mez
OL: Mez, say something
Mez: What am i going to say?
Tom: Type that
OL: ok

Why when you play people always shout comments?
OL: Cos Charlie raped a 15 year old boy in Boston.
Charlie: Shit
Tom: Cos Mez is in the band everyone wants to shout cunt.
OL: why don't you fight back? You're getting a raw deal .
Mez: I'm biding my time, put that bit about the raw deal in too.

Why I've seen film footage and different pictures made both by ed saf where charley, tom and ol pull their cocks out or are completely naked and mez doing the great party trick of holding one finger through his zipper pretending it's a cock?
Mez: Are you sure you didn't dream that mike?
Tom: Me, OL and Charlie have massive wangs, and Mez has a baby penis.
Does this say something about ed or about you.. cause you also had the giant cock in Boston on our 2nd visit to the UK!? Charley's 18th birthday if I remember well!?
Tom: Boston loved our massive cock, they threw it out of a window and it almost killed someone.
Charlie: I think we were the only ones who really liked it. I raped a boy that day.
OL: On a wall bracket.
Charlie: You're such a bastard.

When charley is getting that heavy voice that all boys get at a point in you're life.. and when this will happen will you maintain playing hectic fast core or you gonna do some deep down tuned death grunting metal than?
Charlie: When is my voice going to break?
Tom: oooorrrrrrrr
Mez: Two shoes, you wanker.
OL: play fast or die.
 Tom: Oh you have to be the cool one don't you .
OL: Yes

You remember that we thrashed Hartlepool down together back in the days when you where still very young and we actually already where old!?
ALL ( in unison ): Yes. We were the only people there.
For me You guy's (together with the narcotix from Sheffield) opened my eyes big time.. so young so much fun and just going mental hahaha.
Tom: OL, say thank you, you lovely man. 
OL: thank you, you lovely man
Mez: Little Chris is my hero.
Tell me something about that gig and period of the pacifists. - don't forget about Tom's dad who was driving you guy's. Talking about his dad, how many personal you know with a moustache.
OL: That was our second gig.
Charlie: Tom's Dad wanted to turn the music.
Tom: He said you were the best drummer ever Mike.
Charlie: He still talks about it to this day.

Why you kicked pete the bitch out of the band... and why you hooked up with Mez.. please tell us all you're fans really wanna know!
Tom: He became a cunt. And his girlfriend wanted my bad ass.
OL: He wasn't into the music anymore, used to look really bored when we played. So we phoned his answerphone from my house and played him a computer generated recording of Stephen Hawking saying  You're out of the band, smoke my love pipe and stuff . It was really harsh.
Charlie: It was a really awful way to do it.
Kate: And everyone ( all our friends ) were really angry about it.
Tom: Really? were they i didn't know that! Silly twats.
OL: I asked mez's beard to join the band and unfortunately he was stuck to its arse.
I love Mez. Mez, tell mike how you've had the best times of your life with us
Mez: Hows about no.

The most exciting thing to do in / around Harrogate!?
Kate: go to OL s house / Go to the bowling alley / drink
OL: Go around the outskirts, it s nice to walk there. Beautiful. Amazing. Someone got killed there. almost.
Kate: Party at the little wonder.
Tom: Charlie just works.
Charlie: I work at ASDA. I work at ASDA.

NYHC means:
Charlie: It means nothing to me
Tom: North Yorkshire Hard Core
OL: me neither. It's a messageboard.
Tom: Middle Class white punks.
OL: Sellouts.

When you guy's will have you're own back line?
Charlie: It's never gonna happen.
OL: I have a drumstick, but i think i left it in someone's bag.
Why you don't have bag's or cases for you're instruments?
OL: cos i have no instruments.
Tom: I have one now.
OL: Charlie keeps his mouth in his face.
Mez: I have no strap.

Why you broke the X.. tell us.. you guy's where so pure and look at you all now... was it the fame you couldn't handle??
OL: Mez was never pure, but he's strangely enough always talking about a pure race  or something
Tom: when i get drunk the bitches want my ass. True story.
Kate: It's true, when you were edge you got no-one, NO-ONE! now you're a pimp.
But serious tell me why the choice was made and broke again!?
Charlie: I broke edge out of peer pressure. I went straight edge, cos Tom did, haha.
Tom: I was an arsehole when i was drunk.
Kate: yeah you both were.
OL: When we were all edge though, we all used to go out and steal stuff from people's houses and sheds and we stole all these big posh sombrero style hats, and some bowling and croquet stuff. We fucked around with it, then gave it back at night about a month later with an apology from Craig David for borrowing it.
Tom: I set fire to a bowling green. It was in the paper.
Charlie: We all jizzed / ejaculated / spunked into a tub and pissed in it too, then froze it and posted it through someone's door.
Tom: Genius.
OL: I went a bit mental in the head, and had to go see some people. I went straight edge and thought it was wicked for a while, but then i missed smoking weed everyday, and stuff. It s a bit more complicated than that, but it's too serious, basically i find it easier to cope if everything isn't real. lets talk about piss and cum again.
Tom: Me and OL have straight edge tattoos.
OL: mine's better, but i can't wear shorts anymore. I'm still proud of it, but i'd feel stupid showing it off.
Tom: My mum still thinks i'm edge!
OL: Now we drink bottles of irish cream all day and listen to Robert Crum.

I picked this from the myspace site: We have records coming out soon, a split with Jinn on Fabric 77, a split with Burning The Prospect on Ghost City hopefully, and a split with Dead Sea Fuckin Scrolls.
Tell me more about it.. is it really gonna happen, when, why.. tell me all the details..

Tom: we need to record soon
Mez: We need some new songs too!
Tom: Mez was fingering me in the bum just a second ago.
Mez: The Jinn split is being mixed at the moment, by Graham of the Budvar Beatdown Justice crew.
Charlie: We re very lazy, it ll probably all never happen n
Mez: Jochem says he might let us have some of his artwork for one of them.

The loud fast thrash attack cd and the 2003 a.d. are fun.. tell me about it.. how recorded.. how you made them.. how you get rid of them..
Tom: Matt Coy from Fig. 4.0 recorded it in kate's bedroom.
OL: All our friends hand painted the covers with red bits after we'd photocopied the art that we d all done onto it. It was good cos there was no artwork borrowed or photoshop used or anything like that, it was just photocopied drawings that we'd all done and glued together, and it was all our best friends who helped put it together and stuff. it was ace.

How many of you skate..
OL: Me and Tom haven't for a while, but no-one else does.

What do you skate
Tom: Disco rollerskates. Old skool motherfucker
OL: Street. I like flip tricks and going down hills.
What tricks you can do
Tom: Boneless! 180 Boneless, Frontside shuvit boneless, i just love bonelesses!
OL: He really does love those bonelesses. I can do lots of flips. hardflips, frontside flips, nollie pressure flips, double flips, underflips. you know, i'm pretty rad dude
You know who animal chin is
OL: Did they ever find it? It was that old powell or bones brigade or something video? I'm out of the loop, but i've seen the video. Cracking viewing.

Tell me a bit about the UK scene thrash/hc v/s skate and destroy... bands, zines, clubs, parks ect.
Charlie: There are more and more thrash bands in the UK which is wicked.
OL: I like to think we are the pioneers of UK thrash and dark hardcore
Tom: We don t mince our words, we just mince.
Mez: Good UK zines = Gadgie, Kerrang, Infinite Monkey, Mass Movement cos it s welsh.
Tom: Clubs?
OL: I am a member of the KKK, NRA, anyone who ll have me

You all got the play fast or don't skull tattoo.. what does it mean to have it.. what does it mean to be part of the whole adventure?
OL: I don t have it, just a big white pride tattoo
Kate: me and Tom were the first to get it, therefore we are the coolest. Mez's is giant. Steve Watts also got it, it s bigger then mine, Tom s or Charlie's.
Mez: This is a gang, and I m in, my man ta life will fuck you up in a minute.

How did you all meet. You all liked each other right away or some needed a bit more time.
Charlie: me and Tom pissed around in DT at school, with milk, pretending to shag the teacher. we were at the age when we wanted to shag anything, we were like small dogs.
Kate: I used to hate Charlie at first, but now I love him
Tom: Do you remember when we pretended to give birth in corridor?
OL: Mez came to a gig we put on and watched us, he said we sounded like DS-13 in a garage. He was wrong. I was in a band called the Deficits and I then I woke up one day and had some new friends.
Tom: When I met OL, he had blue hair what a fag
OL: Tom, you dyed your hair black, I win
Kate: I brought OL to a party when I first met him, and it all started from there
OL: oooohhh I lost my fucking sock didn't I!

I want band names, promoter names, zine people.. you know cool bands, people from the UK.. that you wanna shout out.. please with links if it are bands or 'zine related!
OL: Crash the pose, Feeding Frenzy
Charlie: Duck stab are shit especially the bassist
OL: The Let Down,
Tom: Hangover Heartattack, Atomgevitter
Mez: Marked for Death, Farewell To Arms (play a fucking gig!)
Kate: take over typing, we re off to smoke the weed.
Tom: fine!
Mez. Links? just google that shit.

If you would wake up one morning in front of a cosy fire and brian may was laying naked next to you.. tell me what would you do. what would you think.. what would you tell you're mate's?
Mez: scream
Charlie: i would put on my red leather jacket and make sweet love
Tom: run my fingers through his curly  hair

The worst movie you ever watch.
Also you can add people together who play and direct a fictional movie.. I mean a non existing one!

Mez: Football Factory. football violence for fhm readers (and tom).
Charlie: Star Wars Episode 1... it was shit and such a let down.
Tom: Star Wars is shit. Lord of the Rings is crap too.
Mez you want us to make film? a gay porn film with Matt Damon and..
Charlie: Brian May.

Tell me some funny moments w/ the pacifists. tour, gigs, recording.. damn wathever!
Charlie: when Ol punched Tom. Wait, that wasn't funny at all
Mez: Sophie Prospect spraying Tom with Champagne
Tom: getting laid maaaan
Mez: drinking Irish Mist in a park in Dundee at 4pm listening to drum and bass
Charlie: Murphy in his underwear. that was really funny
Tom: FOXY!!!
OL: when me and tom got naked in a sauna, man.
Kate: when mez pissed on the floor
OL: in my fucking house! When me and tom were beat boxing and you and Friso were rapping outside the 1 in 12.
Tom: yeah man
Kate: when we covered mez in popcorn and he said this is the best thing that's ever happened to me.... kill me, kill me now! That night was fucking mint.
ALL: dude knows how to party!
Tom: luke b... FIT!

Profesions besides v.p.
Charlie: Walmart.
Tom P.I.M.P. and college
Mez: spirit group
OL: I'm just pretty cool
Kate: I sleep and myspace

What speed can a leopard reach?
Charlie: isn't it 59 mph?
Tom: I thought it was 55?
You are coming to the mainland to experience the exciting world of Euro's.
What do you expect? What are you hoping for? Why you go on a trip with the band? You ever get fights with in the band on tour.. You come again with the Vauxhal?? or it's still stolen.. why it's stolen.. it sucks.

Charle: bitches, lots of bitches.
Tom I know what kate and ol want
Ol: what would i want?
OL: yes, that's shits pretty cool.
Kate: it's going to be amazing. innit.
Tom: charlie s car got stolen and burnt out. cool!
Charlie: yeah that's really shit... it's ruined my life.. but my new car has alloys, and power steering to boot.
Mez: we are bringing Kneel, Buchanan with us. I less than 3 Ben.
Charlie: not enough in band fighting. i hate everyone in my head anyway. i love my girlfriend.. bitch.

Three things you don't like
Charlie: RACISTS!
Kate: Fringes
Mez: Wrexham

Can you speak other languages? say something funny in another languages!
Charlie: i can speak Ewok.
Tom: you re a twat.
Kate: Nic ta mere (fuck your mum)