waking the dead - july 2006 / march 2012:
From the ashes of Skulls And Flames Waking the dead arise.
Waking the dead actually formed 5 minutes after Dave d. announced to quit with saf!

Ed and Mike d. agreed continue to thrash and shred together with a new project.
Ed switched from 4 string assault to 6 string mayhem and Mike still try's to hit drums.
Amsterdam thrashers Jaap and Tim completed the band on screams and 4 string assault.

After a couple of shows and the first demo recordings Jaap quit and was replaced by Max.
With this line up we did a couple of tours and had two recording sessions at the dead area recording facilities.

In December 2007 and February 2008 we've recorded 29 songs from which we selected 13 for our split 12" with the Shining.
This 12" is released in August 2008 on pick up records and dead area.

Summer 2009 was the last recording session with this line up. This time 30 songs (15 leftovers and 15 new ones!).
17 songs made it to our fulllenght 10" 'empire' that is released early 2010 by dead area, crew for life europe, holy shit uk, rock mutante brazil and the cd version by flipped up hungaria.
2010, a new year, a new line up. Waking the dead welcomes Maarten en Dave d. as double 6 string power thrash attack riff meisters. 2010 was a slow year with the start of the new line up and Tim doing some arty farty stuff in NY for 6 months.
But in January 2011 we picked up again and start writing songs like madmen. July 2011 we had our first recording session with this line up. Songs from this session are released on a split 7" with DFC from Brazil.
After the recordings and a weekend mid Europe Dave d. left waking the dead to replace kirk hammett of exodus.
So waking the dead is a 4 piece again.

Waking the dead liked to tour. Besides the lowlands, UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech rep., Slovakia and Hungary now Brazil has been thrashed.
The 3rd of March 2012 we gonna play our last gig ever in Amsterdam, details will follow.

waking the dead

max - vocals
tim - bass
maarten - guitar
mike d. - drums


4th recordings - 2011 - 6 from the 11 songs made it on the 7" split with DFC

3rd recordings - 2009 - 17 from the 30 songs made it on the 10" "empire".
6 songs made it on the thrash compilation from flipped up records.

2nd recordings - 2008 - 13 from the 29 songs made it on this split 12" with the shining.

1st recordings - 2007 - as a 13 song demotape .

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october 2007 interview on asice:interview
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