Waking the Dead pulls the plug After
89 gig's,
64 months,
53 songs,
9 countries,
7 members,
4 recordings,
2 split records,
1 full lenght,
1 demo,
it's time to end waking the dead.

We had a blast, but it's time for a new chapter.

Thanks everyone for their support and help.

We play yet 3 Dutch gigs, 24th of Febuary Zoetermeer, 25th of February Hengelo and the 3rd of March our last gig in Amsterdam.
Details will follow.

Again, thanx everyone for the help and support, it was a great chapter for the deadarea thrash. cheers.


Waking the Dead Brazilian thrashweek tourreport 2011
video online (1/1/12)
clicker di clack on the picture


split 7" with Brazilian thrashcore veterans DFC

We are proud to announce that especially for our Brazilian thrashtour we will release this already legendary split.
600 copies, a lot of them on transparant green and yellow lollypop vinyl.
Dead heroes, Rock Mutante, Give Praise Records , Riding Ancient Waves and UPS will help us out with this, nice one!

With some delay the spooky release date is now: 11-11-11
Pick it up at a gig or order it, satan himself was the only pre-order so 599 yet in our basement.


T shirts
new shirts


10" - empire
Crew for life Europe, Holy shit UK, Rock Mutante co-released this 17 killer / no filler dead area thrash attack 10".
Ofcourse Hungarian Flipped up is doing the cd version.
Price will be 8 Euro, distro's get in contact for the butt kiss streetdeals!
Go to the song section to hear some of the killers!

* split 12" with the shining
Get the wax on our gigs or just order it.
With out p&p it costs 7 euro , yes we dropped the price in June 2010, we got rid of a whole bunch the last years, but ofcourse have still some boxes left.
Distro's and labels get in touch for but kiss prices